How Banks and ATM Machines Have Made Our Lives Easier

How ATM Machines Have Made Our Lives Easier

While the actual history behind the original ATM machine is confusing in the way that it cannot be traced back to a specific bank. There were developments within a number of countries as far back as the 1960s which included Sweden and Japan. There are no doubts that cash-dispensing machines better known as the ATM have made people’s lives a lot easier across the globe. Here are some of the common ways that the ATM has made life a lot more convenient.

Well before Internet banking was introduced, people would transfer money using an ATM machine. Even though more and more people now use the Internet to conduct their banking transactions, it doesn’t mean that cash machines are no longer in use.

One of the stand out benefits about the ATM machines is the ability to access cash in your account from any of the banks, unlike in previous years where you would have to go to your branch if you would like to withdraw or deposit your money.

Even with credit cards, having ATM machines nearby will ensure you have access to cash in case of an emergency through the cash-advance features on your credit card. Even when you use an ATM machine of a different bank, you are still able to make these types of transactions. Of course, you need to take into account that you will need to pay for the transaction fees, yet the convenience of having access to your money when you need it the most outweighs the costs.

Similar to Internet banking, you can also check on transactions over a specified time frame. If you do not use Internet banking, you can even use an ATM with your bank to print out your transactions over a month. These transactions are usually free when you have them done with your bank.

If you travel abroad, the ATM machines that feature MasterCard or Visa logos will allow you to draw money using the card from your country of origin. This does away with having to carry around traveler’s checks or dollars, which are the items that can make traveling unsafe. The approximate transaction fees is around $3 for an international withdrawal.

It is easy to see why the ATM machine has made life a lot more convenient. To date there are approximately 3 million of these machines across globe. For now, these machines are not going anywhere as the world is still regarded as a cash-based society.

Online Banking Vs In-Person

Are More Bank Customers Using Online Banking Then In-Person Banking Nowadays? Is It Easier?

In the past, people would need to physically go into their bank to take care of their financial transactions. They would need to pay for the gas so they could get there, find parking, and sometimes, wait in long lines in order to be waited on or use an ATM machine like those from atm mega store. Since online banking has come into the picture, people no longer need to do this. They can do their banking from the comfort of heir own home.

Why Do People Prefer Online Banking To In-Person Banking Now?

In order to do their banking when they need to, people have really taken to online banking in a good way. They find that it serves a purpose for them and they use it often. Here are the most important ways that online banking can help customers:

1. Convenient – People can feel comfortable when they use online banking. They are able to sit in the comfort of their own homes to complete their banking business.

2. Easy To Use – Online banking systems are easy to use. Once people learn how to do it, they can easily get the information that they need and complete their transactions in a simple way.

3. Free – People love that online banking is free. It also saves them gas money by not having to go into the bank in person.

4. Can Do A Lot – They are able to complete a lot of transactions online. They can withdraw and transfer money when they need to.

5. Safe And Secure – Online banking is safe and secure to use. The password and security questions are set up to protect the customer.

6. 24-Hour Access – A person can use online banking whenever they need to. This means, they can do their banking around their schedule, whether it be morning or night.

7. 365 Days Per Year – Online banking never closes. For people that need to bank on Sundays and holidays, this is an exceptionally positive aspect of the online banking world.

8. It’s Fast – Since a person can use their regular computer or their cell phone, online banking is fast. It makes sense for people that have busy schedules.

9. Accuracy – Online banking is accurate. If there is ever a problem, a person will be able to look up the information that they need. There is a process that they can follow to have any problems rectified in a short time.

10. Customer Service – There is always a way to get answers to a person’s questions with online banking. The help section also gives lots of great information.

When people become aware of online banking, they rarely need to go into their bank in person. If they do need to talk to a bank professional, they are more than welcome to go into their branch office and discuss their needs with them. But, for the majority of the people, online banking is the way that they choose to go. It works for them and they are pleased with it.

How Has Online Banking Made Our Life Easier?

These days we likely put very little thought, time or energy into carrying out our banking tasks. That is because online banking really has made our lives a whole lot easier. However, it isn’t so long ago that we would have had to designate days and times, as well as a significant amount of effort, into caring for all of our banking needs.

Why can we say that online banking has made our lives so much more simple? Let’s take a quick look.

It’s The Paperless Route

Let’s get one thing straight here; paperwork equals time. We all know that taking the time to go through bank statements and a considerable amount of other postal mail that we used to receive from our banks was not a chore that any of us looked forward to or enjoyed. Nowadays, online banking allows us to enjoy the paperless route to banking.

The Travel Aspect

Not everyone lives close by to a bank. In fact, for many people in the world, their home is at such a vast distance from the nearest bank that they simply did not avail of this financial system. In their minds (and we could say, rightly so) the cost of traveling to the nearest bank every time they needed to carry out a financial transaction simply did not balance out the benefits of being part of such an institution.

That is where online banking really has come into its own. This form of banking allows people who do not have a bank in their close vicinity to still take advantage of the benefits of banking, however, to carry out their necessary transactions with just a few taps on their mobile device.

The Bill Paying Convenience Factor

For many people, this has to be one of the top reasons why online banking really had made their lives a whole lot easier. In days gone by, we would have had to visit various offices, post offices and so forth to pay all of our monthly bills. Do you find yourself doing this these days? Of course not!

Thanks to online banking it is possible to pay pretty much every single bill online. We can even set up our own standing orders and other means to regularly pay a bill without even having to log on each month and send money over. That’s right, often paying all of our monthly bills is just a matter of getting things set up once and the whole system cares for itself month in and month out.

Granted you may not have taken the time recently to think about just how much online banking has made your life more simple, yet taking the time to analyze the differences between banking now and banking just a few years ago, it is clear to see how much we have to be grateful for. Thanks to the world of online banking we get to spend more of our time, energy and effort on things that really matter to us.

5 Reasons People Still Use ATMs

Technology is continually changing and it has had a huge impact on the way that people spend their money. In recent years, many are making the decision to shop online and use plastic for their day to day purchases. With the way things have shifted, it might seem like ATMs are obsolete, but that is not the case at all. Here are 5 reasons that countless people still use them regularly.

Identity Theft

This is a real issue that many people face daily. Every time you use a credit card for an in-person or virtual purchase, there is a chance you may become a victim of identity theft. Instead of placing themselves in a vulnerable position, there are some who would rather pay with cash, hence the use of the ATM.

Merchant Availability

Whether you believe it or not, there are still merchants out there who do not allow people to pay for purchases with anything other than cash. While this may seem a bit archaic, the cost of credit card transactions and other factors act as a deterrent.

In addition to those who only take cash, you also have to worry about those who require a minimum purchase and/or add a fee when you are using a card. Those who prefer to avoid randomly adding things to their cart in an attempt to meet a predetermined minimum will fare better if they have cash on hand. It is highly recommended for most storefront businesses to buy an ATM machine for their customers.

Controlling Spending

It is very easy to overspend when all you need to do in order to make a purchase is pull out a piece of plastic and swipe. You can have a substantial amount one moment and be worrying about your financial health after swiping one time too many. Having cash on you is an excellent way to control the amount of money you spend. The only amount you will have access to is what you have on hand, so there will be no worries when it comes to buying more than intended.


There are some businesses that offer customers lower prices if they pay with cash. Gas stations, heating oil companies and car dealerships are all places that sometimes offer deals to those who are not paying with plastic. For this reason, heading to the ATM on your way there would be a wise choice.

Parental Duties

Snacks, field trips and school lunches are a few things that often require people to pay in cash. While there are some schools that permit parents to add money to an account for their child, this is not widely available. If you are a parent, it would be a good decision to take a few dollars out of the ATM every once in a while just in case it is necessary.

Even though the world is gradually shifting and becoming more dependent on plastic and online currency, there will always be a need for cash. With that being said, this is why ATMs are still as popular as ever after all these years.